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In today's world, where outside stimulations and surrounding distractions are constent,

Bonding provides the highes grade possible of baby-parent experiance.



Client: Face2Face   l   Year: 2019

Bonding™ provides a unique baby-parent experiance that encourage the baby's sensory motor skills, communication and other emotional aspect based on the parent's initial contact whith the baby. 


Bonding™ can fully adjust to the parents body and thas support the back and legs providing hand-free experiance and enhancing bonding time with the baby.

During our development we discovered Bonding™ to be a great solution for feeding and sleeping for the baby. With a specially designed elastic pockets you can easily fit a bottle or a pack of fresh-ones .


In this project Helek studio collaborate with Bonding's entrepreneurs to develop this project. Throughout the process we tested several models on many different experimenters to achieve the perfect position for the parent and the baby.

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