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NapUp Fly is the hi-tech sleeping system for your flight

Client: NapUp   l   Year: 2018

Imagine your own personal sleep zone designed specifically for a comfy nap on the plane that comes with a built-in cushion for head support, an additional forehead support, with a soft eye cover and earphones to listen to your favorite music.


NapUp Fly gently hugs your forehead and stops your head from falling, while still allowing movement and avoiding neck discomfort. NapUp Fly comes in two parts: a soft support cushion and a non restrictive forehead strap with an optional built in eye cover.

NapUp Fly is the all-in-one solution that makes travelers sweet dreams come true. It provides the flexibility and customization to rest at your leisure. NapUp Fly allows you to create your own comfort zone upgrading the cabin experience.


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