Duchess Case

A collection of bags and laptop cases for the modern woman, giving vintage lovers another step into the world of chic.

In House Collection   l   Year: 2016

The Duchess Case collection was inspired by the styles of the 1930s and ‘40s. We sought to combine the simple, yet sophisticated look of the so-called “granny wallet” with the needs of a modern woman:

a usable bag to carry a laptop or tablet.

We designed the bags to fit a variety of existing mobile devices: laptops of all sizes, iPads, e-Readers, iPhones, and more. The bags are made in varying fabrics and styles to ensure that every woman carrying a Duchess Case feels confident and unique with her limited-edition bag.



The Duchess Case is a perfect example of Helek Studio’s ability to design, model, and manufacture custom-made products in limited quantities. By ensuring that your product is one of a few, we are able to create a stronger bond between you, the product, and us.


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