My Sun Bag

A multi-use bag perfect for daily use.

Client: CreationB   l   Year: 2015

With its unique inner compartment, this versatile bag is perfect for storing personal items, carrying food home from the shops, and isolating that sweaty t-shirt after working out at the gym-all at the same time! The inner bag is both eco-friendly and recyclable.  

This innovative bag can even help provide shade while at the beach! Simply fill the bag with sand, then place your umbrella in the center. You can change the angel or move it altogether. Either way, My Sun Bag is a must-have when protecting yourself from the harsh sun.

We created a bag that was both useful and attractive. Weighing only .34 kg, My Sun Bag is

comfortable, stylish, and perfect for just about any use. Perhaps most importantly, we created it

out of materials that were both eco-friendly and recyclable.


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