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Our Process

We focus on the relationship between you, the product, and the user, and provide design services

for both the industrial and private markets. we focus on the needs and values of any project

through comprehensive research, prototype modeling, and manufacturing.

Lidor Yaish Helek studio


Our process continues with 2D and 3D sketches of the product. These sketches allow us to entertain new ideas and concepts based on the design, and help us to identify and solve potential design or manufacturing issues.

During this phase, we focus on the physical and aesthetic design for the overall vision of the product and its market.


Our first step of the product design process is concept modeling, research, and data collection of market trends, best practices, materials, and applicable technologies. Once this step is done, you can be sure that we have the most accurate and sustainable product design, plus a clear  understanding of the market needs and user experience.

Lidor Yaish Helek studio
Nap Up helek studio


The model preparation phase is crucial for providing functional and ergonomic textile solutions. 

We use the most advanced tools to create templates and samples from scratch at our studio facility. By having models of the product, we are able to optimize and improve its design in various aspects, including materials and raw-materials, production methodologies, and functionality.


During this phase, we focus on the product’s fine details and the relationship between aesthetics and functionality in the final design.

We take into consideration any new trends in design, materials, and styling in order to make the product as competitive as possible.

soft goods products  design helek studio
soft goods products  design helek studio


As a design studio, we specialize in advanced technologies in the textile world. We use advanced procedures such as Thermoforming (material lamination), textile and fabric heat molding for 3D forms, seamless design, and manufacturing.


It is our philosophy to work alongside the customer throughout the entirety of the process: from design, to sourcing materials and suppliers, to working with large scale manufacturers to improve the procedures and time, to marketing the product.


We create a fully detailed production manual, including designs, production and processing information for the manufacturers.

Finally, we follow through with the manufacturers on both production and quality control.

soft goods products  design helek studio

How can we help?

Looking for someone who will transform your idea into a product? We will be happy to work on any project, Get together and offer advice - Our door is always open.

Drop by or contact us at-

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