Rhino Skin

A vest and bag attached together as one unit to protect its user during a terrorist attack.

Client: Hila Raam   l   Year: 2013

This modular backpack combines the usability of an everyday backpack with kevlar to be used as a personal protection system in countries or areas that are under daily attacks. It can be used as a regular backpack, as a stand-alone kevlar vest, or as a combined backpack and vest attached together as one unit.

Rhino Skin can protect civilians against debris and impact created by missile and rocket attacks. Its pieces cover the head, neck, back, and sides of the body in order to shield the essential life-or-death body parts, namely the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

Choosing the right materials that could be manipulated at a moment’s notice was essential for the success of Rhino Skin. We tested the most durable of materials to ensure that a Rhino Skin user would be as safe as possible during an attack with debris.  


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