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Never put your guitar back in its case


Client: G-Suit   l   Year: 2018

G-suit protects the guitar’s fretboard, neck and strings by keeping them away from environmental hazards such as: smoke, dust and humidity, all which lead to corrosion and rust


G-Suit is made of two integrated parts: A central firm body that is designed and shaped to protect the neck, fretboard, frets and strings from nut to bridge, and soft wings for enveloping and closure.


G-Suit's lower part is rigidly shaped to provide full protection to the guitar strings



G-Suit's inner part is covered with luxurious soft velvet to give your guitar even better protection. It also includes anti-slip strips to prevent G-Suit from slipping along your guitar's neck.

Apply and remove G-Suit in less then 10 seconds using two hidden rigid ledges on each of the wings, which help stabilize G-Suit on the body of the guitar.

G-Suit is designed to fit the main sizes of acoustic guitars (14-fret neck and 12-fret neck)

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