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Innovative, axle-less, large diameter wheeled luggage system designed to provide the optimal, out-of-the-box traveling solution for today's needs.




Client: Travel-Light   l   Year: 2016


This wheeled luggage does it all. Perfect for daily commuting and longer trips. Your G-RO was carefully constructed to make it easy for you to go anywhere, and you have the option to travel with your choice of colored wheels.

G-RO's patented all-terrain wheels change everyting. These wheels, combined with G-RO's other ergonomic design features, make the bag feel lighter, roll easier, last longer, pack smarter, and look better, which equals smoother travel for you.


When designing this luggage, as a part of our continues collaboration with G-RO, we had to overcome many textile related challenges to maximize the volume capacity while using high quality durable materials.

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