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G-RO soft goods products  design helek studio

G-RO's patented all-terrain wheels change EVERYTHING. These wheels, combined with G-RO's other ergonomic design features, make the bag feel lighter, roll easier, last longer, pack smarter, and look better, which equals smoother travel for you!

Innovative, axle-less, large diameter wheeled luggage system designed to provide the optimal, out-of-the-box traveling solution for today's needs.


Carry on


Client: Travel-Light   l   Year: 2016

This revolutionary new luggage is the world’s first carry-on companion bag. It is specifically designed to accompany modern travelers around the block or around the world.

G-RO Lidor Yaish Helek studio

G-RO was one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history!

You can pack your things easily and efficiently alongside your business needs on the go


We had the pleasure of accompanying G-RO throughout the entire seven-year process, from the first idea to the highly-praised market launch. From its waterproof bottom to its signature impact resistant wheel covers, we embraced the challenges associated with this project, and were able to discover and learn new processes and procedures with each new day.

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