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Taga 2.0 is a bike specifically designed to address the needs of the modern family.

Client: Taga Bikes   l   Year: 2016

Taga 2.0 is an urban vehicles for parents and kids that includes bike and stroller. It allows parent to ride with up to 2 kids  throughout the city. The joined ride is a meaningful experience between the parent and the kids. In fact, this bike is a 3 wheels bike and is safe and stable to ride. Taga 2.0 was designed to the urban and crowded environment.

The products is modular. You can change the sit into a shopping basket or add a chair for a child.  You can get to anywhere you want to go. The bike come in an electronic model too.

In this interesting and highly complex project we were happy to develop for Taga the textile parts such as the royal canopy the basket and the seats.  

After a successful camping in kickstarter we were happy to accompany Taga in their production process, and were thrilled to see it arriving to families all around the world.

    but don't forget to came back


G-ro was one of the most successful campaigns in kickstarter history. We had the pleasure of accompanying  G-ro throughout the process, over 7 years in the making from the first steps through its highly praised market launch. In a challenging and exciting way that led us to discover and learn new processes and procedures every day.

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