LooL is a 3-in-1 cradle: cradle, rocking cradle, and hanging cradle.

Client: HangOver   l   Year: 2016

Thanks to the simplicity of the design, this light and compact baby cradle can be easily moved around the house, enabling the mother to be near her baby at any time.

Lool soft goods products  design helek studio

The cradle is easy to set up and modify. It is simple to turn into a snoozing device, and in all forms, it allows smooth front-to-back movement that is sure to soothe baby.



It took three years to develop Lool into the best cradle on the market to date.

We cooperated with infant experts to ensure we were creating the best possible product for newborns.

We used only the best materials for the fitted sheets, hanging strap, and fitted,

breathable netting to ensure baby’s comfort at all times.


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Light and compact baby cradle allows gentle and easy movement around the house, enabling the mother to be near her baby at any time