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We are a boutique industrial design studio.

We provide design, modeling, and production services for all products, specializing in soft goods products and textile design.

What we do

We provide design, modeling and production services for any kind of products.


 Recent projects

We work with initiators and design companies to assist them with their textile design journey.


Client: Travel-Light   l   Year: 2017 

High volume Check-In has functional design features and better performance than any other multi-purpose gear bag.

Superior mobility and maneuverability courtesy of G-RO’s signature large, space saving, tough-terrain wheels.



Client: HangOver  l   Year: 2016

LooL is a 3-in-1 cradle: cradle, rocking cradle, and hanging cradle.


Client: Bajinn   l   Year: 2019

A new and unique instrument that allows sound to vibrate in its full potential providing a more profound listening experience

Nap-Up Fly

Client: Nap Up   l   Year: 2018

The NapUp Fly is a head support solution to keeps your head secure in place while you sleep comfortably and safely on the plain. NapUp Fly connect directly and easily to all kinds of airplain's seats .

Taga 2.0

Client: Taga Bikes   l   Year: 2016

Taga 2.0 is a bike specifically designed to address the needs of the modern family. It was the winner

of the 2016-2017 Red Dot Competition.

Taga 2.0


Client: Life assistant   l   Year: 2018

SitnStand is a unique and portable solution that enables safe and  independent sitting and standing for the eldarly.

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